Author’s Lament, Please Bear With Me (Am I Done Yet?)

Photo | Thomas Lefebvre



As I sit in the space of a big room,
This may be the longest part of the daze.
Do not be too quick and do not assume,
I don’t spend my time in the best of days.

And I think I might need to use a cain
And though it must be of an expert craft,
Oops, that is the wrong word, I need a cane.
How lucky that’s my only printed draft.

As I write stories and I dodge the claws,
My editor is a realistic bear.
He might get mad at me and swing his clause;
It’s too much with writer’s block and a bare.

I think I found my next set of lines.
I must think and put in plenty of thought.
The dictionary helps to refine,
I will not let my troubles get me caught.

Please do not embarrass me, and don’t drool
This poem has no point, don’t be a fool.

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